211 Virginia Reports

As part of 211 Virginia’s mission, we aim to provide information to assist decision-makers in allocating financial and other resources to respond to local human service priorities. 211 Virginia handles daily contacts from city and county residents in need across the state, collecting regional information that can be instrumental in planning for human services delivery in your locality.

What sets apart 211 Virginia’s work is we’re always collecting data on every contact, providing actual numbers of those in need in your area, even when solutions are not readily available. We track trends and shifts over time for the entire state, offering a unique vantage point without losing sight of the regional data. This information proves valuable for planning districts in allocating funding, applying for grants, and understanding the most pressing needs of each community.

As the first-ever of its kind from 211 Virginia, we invite you to explore our six regional reports below, offering insights from the last year for Virginia’s planning districts. Throughout the report, you will find definitions of terms and helpful tips on interpreting the data. In our ongoing commitment to provide valuable insights, we look forward to engaging in a meaningful dialogue about how 211 Virginia can assist those in positions to make a significant impact.

Whether your community is predominantly rural or urban, our dedication remains steadfast in facilitating positive change and ensuring citizens have access to the necessary support and services.

Looking ahead, our goal is to evolve into a pivotal source of data for planning districts, localities, organizations, government, and beyond, encompassing data visualization, customizable reports, and expanded data access. With your support, we aim to advocate for funding to modernize 211 Virginia, thereby expanding our capacity to serve as a resource for community leaders and enhance our impact on local communities.

2023 Planning District Reports

What’s included in our planning district reports?

  • Overview of contact volume and referrals.
  • Insights into the shifting needs of a community.
  • Information on regional and local data trends, including top requests and unmet needs.
Planning Districts

211 Virginia Southwest Region

Planning District 1: Lenowisco

Planning District 2: Cumberland Plateau

Planning District 3: Mount Rogers

Planning District 4: New River Valley

Planning District 5: Roanoke Valley-Alleghany

211 Virginia Northwest Region:

Planning District 6: Central Shenandoah

Planning District 7: Northern Shenandoah

Planning District 9: Rappahannock-Rapidan

Planning District 10: Thomas Jefferson

211 Virginia Northern Region:

Planning District 8: Northern Virginia

Planning District 16: George Washington

211 Virginia Central Region:

Planning District 11: Central Virginia

Planning District 12: West Piedmont

211 Virginia Richmond/Southside Region:

Planning District 13: Southside

Planning District 14: Commonwealth

Planning District 15: PlanRVA

Planning District 19: Crater

211 Virginia Southeast Region:

Planning District 17: Northern Neck

Planning District 18: Middle Peninsula

Planning District 22: Accomack-Northampton

Planning District 23: Hampton Roads

Additional Reports