13th Annual A Walk in Their Shoes #DVAMRoanoke

The 13th Annual Domestic Violence Awareness Event, “A Walk in Their Shoes” is VIRTUAL this year!

The Roanoke Valley Violence Prevention Council, a standing committee of the Council of Community Services, hosts its 13th annual domestic violence awareness event, “A Walk in Their Shoes.” This year’s event will be virtual and live-streamed on Facebook on Wednesday, October 28, 2020, at 12:00 PM.

The program will begin at 12:00 PM, and you are invited to walk on your own or with who you choose after the virtual event or anytime during October.

Ways to participate in Domestic Violence Awareness Month Roanoke:
Download our “I Walk Because” sign to print! Personalize it with your why/who you’re walking in memory or honor of, and share your #DVAMRoanoke pics on social media (Facebook: Council of Community Services; Instagram: @ccsroanoke; Twitter: CCSRoanoke)
• Donate to TAP Domestic Violence Services, TAP Sabrina’s Place, The Salvation of Roanoke Valley Turning Point, and SARA Roanoke to help survivors and victims of domestic violence
• Share resources for survivors, victims, and advocates to learn more about the services available in our community. Check out our “A Local Guide to Those in Crisis” and share it with those in need!
Watch LIVE the 13th Annual “A Walk in Their Shoes” on Facebook
• Take “A Walk in Their Shoes” – walk on your own or with who you choose as a symbol of your commitment to not be a silent witness to senseless violence happening in our community and to the people we love