2-1-1 VIRGINIA Receives AIRS Accreditation

Congratulations, 2-1-1 VIRGINIA! 

2-1-1 VIRGINIA, a program of the Council of Community Services, has completed the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS) Accreditation process. We are now among a select group of organizations that have been accredited by AIRS. The AIRS Accreditation process recognizes our information and referral program to a standard of excellence.

“Accreditation is a process that includes: a Remote Database Review to ensure that the resource database meets minimum requirements, a Consultation Component during which the I&R service completes and submits required documentation in consultation with a liaison assigned by AIRS; and the On-Site Review during which a review team is able to see the agency in operation and verify that its practices are consistent with the accreditation criteria. Prior to the site visit, the call handling component of the agency’s service is evaluated through a Secret Shopper process.” – airs.org

2-1-1 VIRGINIA’s award of Accreditation will be acknowledged at the AIRS Annual I&R Training and Education Conference, June 7-10, 2020, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The accreditation award is made for a period of five years.

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