Condoms are not meant to be reused and we have them for FREE!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tweeted on its sexually transmitted disease account (@CDC STD) that condoms are for single use.

Our local news station, WSLS 10 shared the The Associated Press report.

While at first the thought of reusing a condom seems laughable, it’s actually frightening. The misinformation, lack of education and prevention, and the perpetuation of myths that we witness on a daily basis make this not seem so far-fetched.

What else do we know? People aren’t practicing safe sex or getting tested regularly.

Both testing and contraceptives are available for free in most parts of the U.S.: free clinics and your local health department (should) offer pamphlets, condoms, and testing.

There’s no excuse to reusing a condom, not practicing safe sex, and not knowing your status.

But shaming isn’t effective or what we do here.

We educate, break down barriers, and make our services known and accessible as possible!  So please allow us to introduce to you the Drop-In Center…

Located in downtown Roanoke, the Center provides access to information and education, resources and services in the prevention of HIV and STDs and Hepatitis C.

This includes testing, education, risk reduction counseling, and free condoms.

As soon as you walk through the front door of the Drop-In Center, you will see an array of condoms. No need to talk to anyone, no need for any unwarranted shame or embarrassment, and absolutely no need to sacrifice your health for something due to budget constraints, (the average costs for a 12-pack is $10.99 but this isn’t Price is Right and everyone gets FREE condoms at the Center!) condoms are available to everyone, free and no questions asked.

To learn more about the Drop-In Center, click here.