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A new day of giving is happening in our community, GIVE Roanoke!

Like a well-trusted friend, the Council of Community Services is here for those who need us the most. When our community received word that the previous give day was discontinued, our nonprofit partners turned to us. It was important to them that we continued a day of giving for the community, so we stepped up to meet the need as we always do. The donations from this event fuel vital work in the Roanoke Valley, strengthening our community and supporting those who need it the most, especially as we work together to recover from the pandemic and build a more equitable future for all.

We are thrilled to host GIVE Roanoke, a new giving day for the Roanoke Valley, on Wednesday, April 20, 2022. GIVE Roanoke is a fun, easy, and flexible way to donate and learn more about organizations making a difference in your community. We hope you will support our new day of giving and the dozens of nonprofit organizations participating, including the Council of Community Services.

YOU can invest in our community by supporting the work of the Council of Community Services!

Please mark your calendars for April 20th as a day to Grow, Invest, Volunteer, and Empower!
Help us reach our goal of $13,500! Early giving starts on April 1st.

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We’re Committed to Ending Homelessness.

Derrick and his family ran into hardship about a year ago. His partner, Abby, had complications after the birth of their daughter, resulting in an extended hospitalization. Derrick could not secure daycare for their new baby and needed to return to work to provide for his family. Derrick was continuously absent from work and eventually terminated. He also caught COVID, was hospitalized twice and had long-term effects that have hindered his ability to work. He was discouraged, defeated, and unable to make ends meet. He turned to the Council of Community Services’ Community Housing Resource Center, connected with one of our Housing Coordinators, Karrie, and got assistance with his rent. 

Derrick says,

“…if it weren’t for the Council of Community Services and Karrie, I don’t know what my circumstances would be. You all are angels to people like myself who have fallen on hard times. I’m beyond grateful, and there are no words that I can form to thank you all enough.” 

Derrick and his family are one of the 337 families we helped last year through our prevention and rapid re-housing services.

With a donation to the Council of Community Services, you can provide assistance to those experiencing (or at risk of) homelessness.

  • 597 individuals in 337 families housed or maintained stable housing 
  • $531,275.33 spent on direct housing assistance
  • $685.41 average rental assistance payment 

Early Giving Happening Now!

We’re Committed to Improving Health.

It wasn’t until his workup for heart surgery that Rick was informed by his doctor of his HIV status. Wanting a second opinion, he stopped by the Council of Community Services’ Drop-In Center.

Our senior tester provided him and his partner with testing and education and linked Rick to appropriate care. He quickly obtained his Ryan White eligibility and viral suppression through the support of our program and has remained undetectable since.

Rick is now recovered from his initial heart surgery and continues to follow his medical treatment plans. His heart condition impacted his ability to work, and he was worried about his housing situation.

We ensured Rick remained stably housed and received compassionate care during this challenging time.

The Council of Community Services’ Drop-In Centers provides compassionate services for persons affected through harm reduction, case management, linkage to care, free testing, and more.

With a donation to the Council of Community Services, you can provide information and education to prevent and reduce the spread of HIV and Hepatitis C and provide compassionate support for persons affected.

  • 539 people enrolled in harm reduction services
  • 110,000 clean syringes were distributed to prevent the spread of diseases
  • 12 clients successfully navigated to treatment and recovery 
  • 1,476 individuals received HIV and Hepatitis C testing 

Early giving happening now! We’ve nearly raised 10% of our $13,500 goal.

Help us double that before GIVE Roanoke on April 20, 2022!