Hurt Park neighborhood seeing signs of new life

It's been as blighted and troubled a neighborhood as any in Roanoke. But change is afoot. The crumbling public housing at its core has been replaced by new, low-income town houses....

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Nonprofit network honors Nancy Bell

Nancy Bell was named the Nonprofit Leader of the Year on Monday at the Nonprofit Leaders Network 2010 Annual Celebration Luncheon....

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2010 Annual Volunteer Recognition Awards

On April 20th, Volunteer Roanoke Valley hosted the 2010 Community Volunteer Recognition and Awards at the Vinton War Memorial. Category Award Winners: Youth (6-18) Roger Fortney Commonwealth Catholic Charities Adult (19-59) Luis Warf Southwestern Virginia Second Harvest Food Bank Senior (60+) Naomi McMillan Roanoke Valley Chapter of the American Red…...

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The Economic Impact of Nonprofits

The Nonprofit Resource Center has released a study that reveals Nonprofits contribute Millions to the Roanoke Region....

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Valley is Poised to Act on Homelessness

The current focus on homelessness is encouraging. Without emotion and motivation the trend of increased homelessness will only continue. What spurred this current focus was a report on data collected about the homeless population that was shared with Roanoke City Council....

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