We’re Celebrating 58 Years of Service!

On Monday, November 12, 2018, we celebrated 58 years of service at our annual meeting.

Our 58th annual meeting was a private, intimate event where staff and board members gathered to celebrate the year’s accomplishments.

As in years past, our focus in 2017-2018 was centered on outcomes that improve the quality of life in our communities. We’re a recognized leader for our work on ending homelessness in the Roanoke Valley, providing 2-1-1 VIRGINIA information and referral services throughout the Commonwealth, preventing the spread of HIV treatment services for those with HIV, and engaging community through volunteer management services and organizational capacity building activities.

Organizational Highlights

This year’s accomplishments included:

  • 490 individuals (in 215 households) avoided homelessness through the distribution of $467,048 for direct housing assistance
  • 124,527 inquiries handled by 2-1-1 VIRGINIA from 85,000 individuals throughout the Commonwealth with referrals to the resources needed to resolve problems in areas of financial assistance, housing, utility assistance, mental health services, and other pressing needs
  • 610 individual tested for Hepatitis C and 1,935 individuals tested for HIV
  • Drop-in Center Danville opened for business in April 2018
  • 812,168 healthy meals and snacks served to children

As you can tell, we had a lot to celebrate!

In addition to celebrating our program successes, we celebrated our people successes as well.

Board Member Recognition

We recognized Dr. Diana Christopulos for her board service. Dr. Christopulos served on our board for six years before rolling off in 2018.

Staff Member Recognition

We also recognized several staff members and their milestone anniversaries:

  • Harla Ange, 2-1-1 VIRGINIA Contact Specialist, 5 Years
  • Leslie Leedy, Accounting Specialist, 5 Years
  • Ollie Newbill, 2-1-1 VIRGINIA Quality and Training Specialist, 5 Years
  • Cory Simmons, 2-1-1 VIRGINIA Contact Specialist, 5 Years
  • Ronnie St. Clair, Eligibility Specialist, 5 Years
  • Sharron Terry, 2-1-1 VIRGINIA Contact Specialist, 10 Years
  • Kay Brady, Home Specialist, 25 Years

Special Guest Speaker: Sarah B. Rawz, Rawz Coaching

The program also included a keynote address from Sarah B. Rawz of Rawz Coaching. As you may know, things are changing but as Sarah reminding us, change is constant and should not be feared. We are in the midst of a presidential transition at CCS and what better topic for our staff and board members than change? Sarah helped members of the audience navigate the discomfort in change – whether it be personal or professional. She didn’t even mention CCS’ big change but instead allowed for us to apply the topic to anything we’re experiencing; parenting, relationships, home ownership, etc. She encouraged us to focus on the three cues of change: discomfort, desire to blame, and a sense of global certainty.

But instead of us trying to explain it, we think she captured it best in her blog.

We left the annual meeting feeling full from the food, inspired from the keynote speaker, and proud of the accomplishments we achieved this year.

Thank Yous

Tis the season to be thankful and we sure are thankful for a lot!

A special thank you to our friends at The Maridor for their hospitality, the gift of space, and a delicious meal. Thank you to Sarah B. Rawz for her gift of time, talent, and inspiration. Thank you to our staff and board members for their dedication and service to our mission. Thank you to our partners and community for supporting us.

Cheers to a great year! We’re already in our 59th fiscal year, but we know great things are to come!

Video Highlights

2017-2018 Annual Meeting on Biteable.